22: Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Do the Work and Grow with Haley Johnsen

Haley Johnsen
Singer-Songwriter, Backup Vocalist & Bass Player
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Haley Johnsen launched her music career under the pressure of American Idol, working through self doubt and pushing herself to learn quickly. She’ll remind you there’s a moment when you realize exactly what you want to do with your life and from that moment on, you must put yourself in situations that force you to grow into who you are meant to be. With her home-base in Portland, Haley just dropped a beautiful album, Golden Days, she finished a summer of touring around the country, playing bass and backup vocals with Big Wild, and she just got sponsored by Fender. Haley shares her feelings openly on social media, allowing us to watch her music career rising with inspiring vulnerability and elegance. I traveled to Portland to hang out in Haley’s living room, where we drank tea and talked about the challenges of American Idol, the fire that keeps her pushing forward in the music industry, even through those waves of self-doubt, fear and anxiety, how she learned to take herself seriously as an artist and her mission to connect with people through music. :) Thank you Haley for showing us your sweet soul. I’m so grateful for your openness and kindness and the fact I get to point up at you on the big stage and say That’s my friend!” So proud and excited for you and your rockstar adventures. And I’m so happy we used social media for what it’s good for…building friends in far away places that we hopefully get to meet one day! xx Cha

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