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Singer-Songwriter | Seattle WA & San Diego CA
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As a music teacher and touring performer, Drea knows what makes music technically good but she’s happy to experiment, take risks and break the rules if she likes how something sounds. From the chaos of songwriting to making friends in the music industry, she’s all about taking the route that is fun and weird.

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“I know what is supposed to technically sound good but I don’t care because I like how it sounds.” - Drea Marilyn

”I don’t know where I’m going, let’s see if I die.” - Drea Marilyn re: creating music

“It’s really just time. The second you feel like giving up and going along your day, you’ll meet someone who has the same enthusiasm or joy that you have towards playing music and it will rekindle.” — Drea Marilyn

”I usually come home from something shitty and I go straight to my kitchen and (right next to it is) my music space. It’s just the things I love really close to each other; food and music. So I come home and I sit at the piano or play my guitar and just start writing there. And it’s always at night. I’ve tried to be creative in the morning and I if I desperately wanted to I think that I could train myself but I find that where a song is birthed from is always late at night, just like any of my bad decisions, it’s always in the middle of the night.” — Drea Marilyn

”Pineapples are my public fruit. Avocados are my private fruit.” — Cha Wilde

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Question from Katie Kuffel: “Why do you perform? What do you get out of performing?”
“I like the connection. I like seeing that something I sing is remotely impactful to someone else. Someone is either taking the words in for their own interpretation or I’m evoking something out of them, even if it’s hatred. The worst feeling you get is complacency. I like having that connection with people. I feel like one of my abilities is to understand the vibe of a place. I want people to really just feel…and I like filling that room with a particular emotion I’m trying to evoke. It’s just fun. It’s fun being this person that most days I’m not, or I am but it’s just not socially acceptable to wear glitter all the time, even though I could and I should.” — Drea Marilyn

Question from Bug Hunter: “What is your definition of success for your music?”
"Gosh I really don’t know. It fluctuates for me. Some days I wish more people knew my music but then other days, I look at statistics and wish my nubmrs were higher but success for me right now, and it will change in like 2 minutes, I’m sure, would be some complete stranger coming up to me and telling me how a song or a lyric impacted them, whether it’s mail, or an email or an Instagram message or someone was to say that, that would be a moment of success for me, for now.” — Drea Marilyn

1) Can we be friends?
2) Why do you play music?

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Singer-Songwriter | Seattle WA
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Recorded: January 20, 2019
Location: Drea’s Living Room, Redmond WA
Episode Released: January 23, 2019