3: Discipline to Practice Music When Everyone Else is Watching Netflix with Alie Byland (Byland Music) - Wilde Musicians Podcast

Singer-Songwriter | Seattle WA & Albuquerque NM
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Time to hang out with my friend and fellow singer-songwriter, Alie Byland, a.k.a. “Desert Mama Girl” (so called by her band members). She songwrites, sings, plays acoustic and electric guitar and she’s the front woman of Byland. Alie and I met in a courtyard in downtown Seattle and talked for almost an hour about self-discipline to practice music when everyone else is watch Netflix, the value of vocal coaching, cultivating a relationship with “Creativity” and how it feels to perform on stage.

Byland Music - Band Practice - Music Photography by Chamonix Films for Wilde Musicians Podcast Hosted by Cha Wilde - January 2019


”I have talent but I don’t have skill…You can be born with talent and you can be given an opportunity and be mediocre at it…but to actually be the best in your industry or to actually push yourself you actually have to pursue skill and get help from other people that are better than you.” — Alie Byland

”(My perspective used to be that) ‘creativity was my enemy, hated me and was holding out on me’ and ‘inspiration touches everyone else except me’ and I had this kind of negative attitude towards (creativity). At one point I heard a podcast say ‘Creativity is like a being and it is your friend. It wants to find somebody to create what it has in mind and it chose you.’ I don’t feel like the whole world is against me anymore, I feel like it’s literally just myself and I have control over myself so I can be creative, I can be inspired.” — Alie Byland

”I’m so nervous before a show. I want it to go well so badly and these songs mean so much to me and whether the (the audience) want to or not they are feeling what I’m feeling. I try to have eye contact with somebody in the audience during those performances because it helps me know that someone’s listening…But once I get in that space, honestly I’m not nervous because I’m that other desert girl…She’s unafraid and she’s there.” — Alie Byland

”When I’m practicing (inspiration comes) more often but when I’m just watching Netflix all the time, honestly, I’m not inspired.” — Alie Byland

Music Video by: Christian Pucket

Everything takes way longer than you think (especially creating/releasing albums). Double your ETA and don’t put out dates or “coming soon” announcements until you are 100% rock solid on that promise so you never risk disappointing yourself or your fans.

Torb Pederson (Alie’s Vocal Coach)
Calm (Alie’s Meditation App)
Scarlett Parke

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Singer-Songwriter | Seattle WA & Albuquerque NM
Byland Music / Instagram / Facebook / Spotify / Itunes

Recorded: October 2018
Location: Courtyard in Downtown Seattle
Episode Released: January 30, 2019