1: Why do we feel this urge to create songs? with Nick Drummond - Wilde Musicians Podcast

Singer-Songwriter | Seattle WA
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Why does that light a fire under our ass? What is it about the medium, the combination of melody and rhythm, what makes that so powerful, so spiritual, so at times actually divine? What makes you want to do that?” This elusive topic sparks a conversation with Nick Drummond whislt sitting beneath a tree somewhere in Seattle.

Nick Drummond Music - Photography by Chamonix Films for the Wilde Musicians Podcast


”Songwriting is the hardest work I’ve ever done. It the hardest work I’ve ever done but it doesn’t feel like a job. In many ways it’s harder than a job because it never goes away. It also fuels itself. The energy that it takes out of me it also replaces in a way that I don’t think normal jobs (like being an accountant) can do.” — Nick Drummond

“It doesn’t matter what your job is. Find the things that turn you on. (To be turned on is to be) engaged; emotionally, mentally, spiritually stimulated. It pulls out of you that you’re surprised by or a part of you that you enjoy discovering…Wherever you find that fire, that engagement, that’s what you should be doing.” — Nick Drummond

”If I’m working on my song, it will be in my head all night when I’m sleeping…Some of the most beautiful stuff I have ever encountered are songs that I wrote while asleep and they’re just gone forever….I wish I could repeat them but there’s also something pretty magical and kinda, it does lend credence that these ideas are coming from the beyond. They are happening through you and you are not necessarily coming up with them on your own.” — Nick Drummond

Nick wants you to come see a show and hear the music.

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Recorded September 20, 2018
Recording Equipment: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Location: Beneath a tree, Capitol Hill, Seattle
We were eaten alive by bugs.
Episode Released January 14, 2019