21: You’re Not Going to Accomplish Anything Great on your Own with Justin Blaney

Justin Blaney
Author, Maker, Songwriter & Artist Community Builder
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You’re not going to accomplish anything great on your own. We are a tribe and we innately desire to help other people in our tribe. Justin Blaney used to write songs in Nashville and now he is cultivating community for artists in Seattle by hosting rooftop parties and co-working events. His life revolves around creating opportunities for artists to connect and rise to the next level. His current life mission is to find out just how great life can be. Justin and I met a couple years ago when he asked me to perform at his first rooftop party (I got to sing on top of a skyscraper beneath the night sky — thank you Justin for this opportunity!) Since that show, we have remained friends, inspiring each other deep authenticity, vulnerable sharing of our dreams and encouraging each other to keep shining bright. We recorded our conversation in Justin’s gorgeous downtown Seattle apartment and I included some video footage of his beautiful collection of antique books, vinyl records, and funky lighting fixtures (which he makes himself). Thank you so much Justin for sharing your wisdom and love! xx Cha

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