Acrylic & Latex on Wood (2018)

Acrylic & Latex on Wood (2018)


I’m a chill mother fucker
with my nails done right
and my hair in a top knot bun.
I do what I want
and I say what I think
and I lay out in the sun.
At the end of the night
when I’m lonely
dreams come after me. 
I got a dream and it’s killin’ me.
Gotta let it go but it’s still in me.
Could somebody please put a pill in me?
When there’s a pill in me, there’s more chill in me.

I’m a chill mother fucker
and I have a good time.
I travel light so less is mine;
no house, no kids, no puppy dogs,
no snow, no rain, no winter fogs,
no thank you, no thank you.
No phone, no bills, no credit cards,
no picking weeds out of my yard,
no thank you, no thank you.

I’m a chill mother fucker
I stay up all night.
Ask the sun, ‘Can I borrow a light?’
I sing before the birds awake,
as the sun gets high
I start to bake.
If I trip on the land, I fall in the sea
go with the flow so the waves catch me.

Duck duck duck duck duck duck goose
Pass it around so we can stay loose
Puff puff puff puff puff puff pass it around.

I’m a chill mother fucker
and my life is good.
I don’t give a damn about what I should.
I left the ground where I once stood;
I’m surprised, never thought I would.

Music, Lyrics & Painting by Cha Wilde
Chill Mother Fucker / No Thank You (Single)
Released _____