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Cha Wilde is a singer-songwriter, music producer, painter, filmmaker and podcast host known for her free-spirit, vibrant energy, soulful voice, clever poetry, and active empowerment of women and artists. Her music is an effervescent blend of folk and EDM, full of adventure and freedom. Her colorful paintings, predominately abstract landscapes, sparkle with glitter, her signature coup de grac. She creates from her magical imagination, where she runs wild with pirates and dragons, exploring spirituality, sensuality, and psychedelics. Cha is also the host of the Wilde Musicians podcast, publishing weekly video interviews with artists in the music industry.


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REVIEW by Elijah Dhavvan — Published on Rain City Collective

Cha Wilde's new EP/3-song single, Chill Lightening Rainbow, is a refreshing amalgamation of hip hop and electronic influences, built around her unique voice as a composer. The songs featured are at once compelling, warm, and wistful.

Although it's only 3 songs, Chill Lightening Rainbow hints at a wide breadth of thematic and musical influences. Intertwined themes touch upon a love for nature, rejection of modern cultural norms, spiritual healing, and deconstruction of intimacy. The songs are a thoughtful and thought-provoking journey told in melodic verses. The lyrics are a well-crafted invitation, and they reveal further depths of spiritual insight that are revealed with each listen.

The musicality is also carefully constructed, but ambles through different genres with each composition. There's definitely a unique voice and a signature sound, but hip hop, laptronica, and soul influences seep into the waves and swells of Cha Wilde's voice. The harmonious weaving of multi-genre influences makes Chill Lightening Rainbow a soothing, soulful experience. It's an impressive musical achievement with a warm resonance.