Give Your Gifts Like Santa Clause

What's your calling in life? I don't care!!! Blah blah blah. I've been dwelling on this calling, life purpose, gift for the world, make-my-life-meaningful thing all year and on Thanksgiving weekend I finally had a breakthrough; a big FUCK THIS, I'm focusing on something else. Although examining my inner world to understand what my soul longs to create was a magical and wonderful adventure, it quickly became naval gazing. I was waking up every morning obsessed with journaling through my thoughts, desperate for clarity. I was screaming with my pen to the universe, "WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH MY LIFE!?" I wasn't getting any work done ($$$ was suffering), I was depressing company, and I missed out on the playful joys of summer while I spiraled downwards in self-reflection. As the autumn leaves fell, so did my ego and I finally hit the jackpot - Stop asking 'What's my purpose?' and start asking 'How would I like to help people?' Notice, it's not how can I or how should I. 

I live by this quote by Howard Thurman:


I took time to understand what I love, what makes me feel alive, what gifts I have to offer the world. I nailed down my calling: to bring music to the world. I was playing music for hours everyday and yet feeling so lonely and unsatisfied. I was overlooking the most important part of the calling..."to the world." I love playing music but what makes me come alive playing music for other people and seeing how they are touched by music's healing qualities. I experience this when I sing to yoga students in Savasana, play guitar for my dad while he's resting on the couch, or play on a park bench for passersby. What makes me feel most alive is giving music to the world - being the vessel through which music enters other peoples' lives - usually as a pleasant surprise. My calling is two part - do what I love (play music) and then share it with the world (heal people). I've tried doing those two things separately and it doesn't work. They have to be combined in order for me to feel the spark of "aliveness."

What is your combo? We are all healers. We all have a gift to give to our 'village.' It's part of being human; we are a tribe. We each have something to offer the community that will improve others' lives, and help them feel happier. You must find your calling, i.e. your role in this human village. Find out what "job" awakes your passion and then figure out how to wield it and add value to the community. If you keep them separate; i.e. practice an un-shared passion or help people without passion, the spark within you may struggle to flicker to life and the world will be missing your life. 

To wrap it up for Christmas...
Your calling is multi-faceted. You must first look inside and figure out what gifts you've inherited in your medicine bag. Then, you must learn how to give those gifts to others. Remember, gifts are for giving and to be "gifted" simply means you have been entrusted with a great great to give (not to keep for yourself). Santa Clause is a very 'gifted' man - follow his example and spread your gifts freely around the world. // Cha

Photos from 107.7 DECK THE HALL BALL at Key Arena in Seattle
Glass Animals is Playing in the First Photo :D Gooey Goodness!!

**word to the wise - always turn around when you're at concerts and check out the beautiful view of the crowd and the lights/lazers hitting the ceiling. it's like traveling in europe - always look UP (the ceilings are incredible). if you follow the crowd and only face forward, you'll only see what everyone else is seeing (the stage), but if you have the guts to turn around and let a billion eyes stare at you, you might feel awkward for a second but mainly you'll just get to enjoy an incredible view that everyone else is missing out on (see bottom photo). and if you're like can pretend you're performing on stage looking out at the crowd. 

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