Afraid to Post My Music Videos on Social Media

Gulp. Challenge #1 is to press RECORD. Challenge #2 is to press PUBLISH. Everyday for 2 weeks, I have to publish a video of myself singing on Instagram (totally breaking my comfort zone). It's time to overcome my fear of other people hearing me sing. I've been especially afraid of people from high school seeing my music videos. Why the hell are we all so fixated on impressing people from high school? #getoveritalready Is it because our memories of those people are frozen in time; our brains haven't had a chance to evolve with those people? So when we think of them, they are still teenagers in our mind and we react to that memory in the way our teenage selves would have reacted?  Silly. When facing fears like this, you must remember "The only way out is through." I've never posted any videos of myself singing. I am so nervous. I had to force myself through these steps with courageous willpower. Step One: Put on my boyfriend's sweatshirt to make me feel safe. Step Two: Find an inspiring safe-place; sitting under a willow tree in the middle of a sunny field in Kirkland. Step Three: Play quietly and gradually get louder and louder until someone might hear me. Step Four: Write a little song and press "record". Step Five: Close my eyes and press "publish". Step Six: Wait for the reactions... // Chamonix

PS: Nothing but good comments & love from friends came pouring in. No word from the high school acquaintances. Apparently they don't even give a shit anymore. #Fabulous. By day three of this challenge I was totally not afraid to publish my videos anymore! The only way to overcome fear is to keep doing what you're afraid of until you aren't afraid anymore.