I Want to Be Famous Because I am A Sun

To have a dream so big it hurts to live with it inside you, trapped within your skin, desperate to explode out into the world so you may be free to ride on the waves of its wake.

{I wrote this blog post at Starbucks this morning in one giant mind-dump...see if you can keep up lol}

My entire life I have held this secret in my heart - I am a musician, a singer, a rockstar. I belong on the stage in the spotlights, performing, sharing music with the people. I want to be the leader, the center of attention, the epicenter of the human earthquake. 

I want to be a famous musician, performing on the world stage. I want my own reality TV show. I want to be interviewed for magazines and TV shows. I want to be on the cover of magazines and to speak at conferences and host shows. I want to write books, release albums, have millions of followers on my blog and social media channels. I want to receive fan mail.  

I was born with a fire in my heart that is destined to shine light into other people's lives. When I hold back I suffer and nothing happens. When I let go of my fears and give myself permission to shine brightly, my joyful spirit and beautiful compassion heart can reach into other people's fragile shells and touch a precious piece of them that longs to be seen and understood. When I make myself terrifyingly vulnerable, I lead the way and give other people permission to let go of their own fears, be who they want to be (who they truly are) and race toward their own dreams. 

I want to be famous so I can take this gift I've received and give it to the world.
I want to be in the spotlight so I can bounce the bright light back onto the crowd.
I want to stand in front of the world and be seen as what I am...raw, not trying to impress anyone, not trying to look like I've got my shit together...just me - a human who misses little patches of hair when she shaves her legs, who worries about her tampon leaking, who gets nervous when she shares a new song with other people for the first time because she's afraid they might not like it and their opinions might crush her dreams. 
I want to stand up there on the stage and say, "Hey look, I'm just like you. If I can be honest and go for my dreams, so you can you."

I want to be a role model. I will show someone what it looks like to just be yourself and not be held back by fear. I can be someone's hero, not because I'm special but because I'm willing to be real. I believe that's the most powerful thing any human can do. Those are the people I look up to. If we all just let down our guard and admit who we really are behind closed doors, the ripples of change that would flow through the world would blow our minds! I'll be someone's hero because when they look at me, they see the most vulnerable part of themselves. They'll realize I went for it and I didn't combust...it will give them hope that maybe if they went for it, they could do it too!

I want people to look at me and want to be 'like me'; a person who is themselves. So it's not actually about being like ME. It's about inspiring people to finally be like THEM.

That it's. I just want to do me 100% and ME is music - freely singing at the top of my lungs and dancing. I can do this alone in my bathroom and enjoy myself on my own forever. OR I can do it on a stage and let that big energy from my heart shine out into the world and light it up and maybe it will spark lights inside of other people's hearts and they'll start to shine their own passion into the world and then the whole planet will shine so bright the sun will rear it's firey head and pay attention to what is happening on planet Earth - the little blue planet that suddenly started glowing and sending flashes of its own solar fire into the solar system. Let's give the sun a run for it's money. 

What if...what if the sun is just a planet, inhabitied by the brightest beings, living fully and the brightness of their passions illuminates the solar system and attracted the planets into its gravity.