I Choose You (Original Song RAW)

On Sunday afternoon, I sat on my couch journaling an epic novel and I finally came to a conclusion. I'd been going back and forth about boys and who I needed to be with right now... constantly asking myself who I should focus on or leave or be with or choose...back and forth between Davey and Vinny. After miles of handwritten reflection I realized that my answer for this moment in time is Davey. Last week I had all the necessary conversations - telling Davey when we were on the dance floor at the Die Antwoord concert last Sunday and Vinny out on a coffee date in Bellevue. So many emotional ups and downs. 

It was on Monday morning (after the night in the city with Davey and before the afternoon coffee date with Vinny) that I wrote this song. I sat down in the Nintendo cafeteria with my cappuccino and hummed a melody in my head and let these words pour onto paper. It came out as one fluid complete song...no editing required. I recorded myself singing it on Wednesday afternoon. I sent it to Davey on Thursday when he was at work and he loved it. He came home early to play it with me. He said it was probably the nicest song anyone has ever written about him... "Oh, do you have a lot of songs written about you?"... "Yes, as a matter of fact I do." -- All written by me of course :P hehe I've written a lot of songs about my struggles with our relationship in the past and it makes me really happy to write a song about us that is happy.

:) -Chamonix