Making Friends at Guitar Center

Oouu I wonder what this one sounds like? I pick up a Martin guitar with a $3,000 price tag. I'm sitting in that small wooden room, surrounded by instruments, singing my songs. A person walks in and I keep singing (a little nervous but I keep going). He sits down and asks to play with me. We play for an hour - me singing and strumming and him going crazytown with fast guitar fingerpicking. His name is Gavin and we talk about how wonderful music is and how important it is (for the sake a musician's happiness) to surround themselves with other musicians.

It's so easy to lock yourself in your bedroom and sing or hang out with good people who are 'just into other stuff'. But once you challenge yourself to go out there and connect with other MUSIC PEOPLE - the people who live and breath the music - your happiness levels will start increasing. You'll be able to spend ALL the minutes of your life in the musical vibe -- a wave you want to constantly be surfing. All of your energy can pour into it and everyone around you helps keep your creative musical energy lifted and enthusiastic. I've hit 'the rock bottom' of musical loneliness and this week I said NO MORE! So instead of practicing in my bedroom, I took my lunch break at Guitar Center and played with Gavin. I practically skipped back to my car - I don't remember the last time I was so happy. :)