Asking People to Input on Songwriting

So I have an idea...

This morning I used Periscope to record myself writing a song LIVE. This way I could practice AND share what I'm working on with people (rather than just playing alone in my bedroom - isn't technology AMAZING!). I had a handful of viewers who were giving me feedback on which chords to play and sending little hearts when they liked what I was singing. I used to be too nervous to LIVE broadcast on Periscope or Facebook. But now I just feel ready - like magic...all the little baby steps DO lead you somewhere. hehe

I know some entrepreneurs who teach online courses and they have a daily morning broadcast. Every morning they hop online and teach something useful for everyone. It started slow but now they have a regular BIG following. They've created their very own morning show. This is similar to Morning Coach the daily podcast by JB Glossinger. 

Why not do something similar with my music? I could do a daily songwriting session and ask listeners to give their input on chords, lyrics, melodies etc... I could be like... "Do you like A or B better...?" Wouldn't that be fun as a follower, to be part of the creation process with an artist you love? I would be all over that shit. How exciting to hear a song on the radio knowing that you voted on melody of the chorus or even better - it was YOUR suggestion to use a certain chord that changed the song. So cool. I think it's a genius way to involve fans, build a relationship with them and give them something exciting to follow.