When You Feel Like a Shit Adult

Kill it today. Go to the gym and push hard. Sit up straighter at work. Don't let sugar pass your lips. Drink your coffee slowly and visualize your dream job and your pent house in New York City. Let me tell you a secret...I've seen your future and you WIN! You get a Grammy. You win the Superbowl. You're on the New York Times Bestsellers List. You are the CEO. You have a private jet. You own a farm of llamas in Patagonia and you self-sustain on sweet potatoes. You already have it. Now go to it! You don't need to prove anything to anybody, including yourself. The best version of yourself is right here, right now. Turn it on. Use this day to recharge your bad-ass. Don't send that text message. Don't fiddle with your hair. Don't say anything derogatory about yourself. By the end of today, you'll know what to say. You'll know what to do. You'll remember who you are and what you want. Today is going to ask a lot of you, you're are going to fucking deliver and it's going to feel amazing. You got this bitch. Now fucking go. I love you. 

*Cha for N / June 2018 / Cafe Cesura in Bellevue @ 8:30am (Drinking a Soy Cortado & Hemp Latte)