When You're Stressing to Find a New Job Immediately

"Stop searching for a new job on Craigslist. It's a waste of your time. Go to networking meetings. Set up coffee dates with people, especially people who are doing the work you're interested in getting into. Just keep meeting people. The more you talk, you'll get more clarity on exactly what you want, what you have to offer (and what's needed) and you'll have more people in your network who can help you make it happen. You never know who knows who; the network system is an incredible web and we're all connected. I know you feel stressed and you want a new job right now, tonight. It feels urgent. You feel stuck and you don't know what to do. You're probably experiencing a fight or flight response. You feel trapped in a cage and you're banging on the walls to get out. That's not going to help. Sit down in your cage. Be still. Take a deep breath and start looking around for a clever exit. You're not strong enough to break the cage with your thrashing body. You need to control yourself long enough, accept being inside this cage long enough, so you can see clearly. In other words, don't sit around the house tonight, scrolling online job sites, wasting time stressing and trying to find the perfect quick fix. It's not going to happen and this stressy urgency isn't going to get you anywhere. Sucky, but true. Instead, use tonight to take slow intentional action. The results will take time. Reach out to people. Now, go get to work you lazy bitch." 

C for N | July 2018 | Cypress Coffee, Bellevue WA @ Closing with Guacamole