27th Birthday Challenge: Write 27 Songs in a Year

Last year I turned 26 and I completed 26 hikes in Washington State include the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainer (100miles - hellz yah!). This year I turned 27 and decided to write 27 songs. I started with a handful (maybe 5) songs that were half-way written. So I have to finish those half-songs and then produce 22 completely new songs. Best challenge ever - a fun motivating project to get me to regularly be practicing guitar, singing and composing. I think I'll be able to produce all these songs into 2 albums. The first album will probably be all the songs I wrote during my divorce & meeting/falling in love with my new boyfriend. The second album will probably be all the songs I wrote this spring & summer that are all girl-power independent woman kinda stuff. I just write about my life and whatever I'm feeling so my music has replaced the journals I used to write. I'm so excited to see how this project turns out when I hit my 28th birthday in November 2016! I'm curious to hear how all the songs fit together into a collection. How will I order them? How will they sound side by side? What patterns will I find and which songs will be outliers of weird creative moments. hehe

PS: In this photo my legs look enormous...just like Chun-Li from Street Figher!! Hilarious.

2016-05-19 02.35.59 1.jpg