Cha Wilde [#3/?] Queen Anne Farmer's Market - We're Just Making Noise

I've started carrying my guitar around everywhere...just in case I want to play or the opportune moment for another performances smacks me in the face. After a business meeting, I was headed back to the car only to discover the Queen Anne Farmer's Market. I nervously walked through the crowd, scoping out somewhere to sit down and play and hope nobody would notice me. It's a strange thing to be forcing yourself to find a public space to hide. It's weird to want to be heard and not want to be heard at the very same time. Strange brain.... So I found a hill at the back of the farmer's tents near where lots of kids were sitting with their gabbing parents. Nervous as fuck to make even the tiniest sound, I started playing and clawed my through until the end when THANK GOD, a little girl came to play with me and broke the fear spell and reminded me that music is just noise. Humans are just noise makers...WE'RE JUST MAKING NOISE. That's it. Nothing good or bad or scary about it (in itself). The kids can enjoy it that way. How do we bring that back as adults? Playing music with kids is certainly one way that's helping me remember how to just play and make noise for fun. // Cha

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