Worrying is Stupid Because a Phoenix Rises for Christmas


 "It's chaos in here!" My sister in law, Molly, ran through the kitchen laughing, searching for normal English tea bags, my boyfriend Davey was stirring the breakfast eggs, a conversation about Iraqi politics was wafting through the air and I was soaking it all in gleefully like a little puppy. I never thought my parents home would be full of people and happy on Christmas again. We've been through growing up drama, divorce and workaholics in the past years and it celebrations were getting depressingly empty. Nobody wanted to be there and instead of growing bigger with new generations it was getting smaller with separation. I felt like the holidays would never be cozy again, let alone bustling with joyful life. So today as smiling people zoomed around me, music filled the air and many helping hands danced around the kitchen I was floating on a happy cloud.

This is just another example of this lesson life keeps teaching me: everything changes and you have no idea what lies around the corner so don't bother worrying or getting stressed, it always changes. When you feel like everything is burning to the ground, a Phoenix rises from the ashes. 

Oh and Santa brought me a "happy mug", a pretty pink scarf, money for my trip to Australia and a loop pedal!! 

Merry Christmas Beautiful Friends // Cha

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