A Day of Musical Daydreams

Vinny and I spent Sunday (the day after the Life in Color rave) lying under a tree in his garden talking about the universe, The Artist's Way, the kind of music we want to play, how long we've been desperately searching/waiting for a musical partner who will live and breath music with us. Someone who will stay up with us until 3am playing the same chords over and over until the music sounds perfect. Someone who won't get annoyed by us humming the same lyrics over and over or jumping up in the middle of a conversation and running around dancing because our favorite song just hit the speakers. It's incredible to finally find someone with the same fire and passion. Our minds are blown. We can't believe we finally found someone to partner with. He's been searching for a voice to accompany his guitar and I've been searching for a guitar to accompany my voice. 

Mind blown. Cosmic magic is at play.
We are like binary suns.