Adult Music Learning & Seeing Music Tracks

Headphones. Popcorn. Snuggly on the couch. Spotify on shuffle. WAMMMM!! I'm SEEING music. What the heck? How did this happen? I'm a couple weeks into recording music and editing it in Abelton and for the first time my brain is visualizing (like I can actually see them in my mind) the soundwaves and audio tracks when I hear music in my headphones. I'm starting to understand what music LOOKS like when it's recording. Similarly, I've spent hundreds of hours playing scales with a metronome on the piano this year, and suddenly (without intentionally trying) I'm able to harmonize when I sing, my voice can find (almost) perfect pitch, I can figure out how to play songs just by listening to them and I can keep a must steadier rhythm when strumming guitar. It's like cross-training - I play piano and suddenly I'm better at guitar. I record music and suddenly I know how to break apart what I'm listening to; I can hear all the parts that before were just a jumble of pretty sounds. My brain is learning! Learning music as an adult is perhaps more challenging but I bet it's more rewarding. The fact I can observe my brain and body working together to problem solve, connect dots and earn eureka moments is so empowering. Creating music used to feel impossible, something so far way from anything I could do, and now everyday I'm watching music flowing out of me, my skills are noticeably improving and my eyes are opening to the magnitude of possibilities before me. I'm teaching myself to be a music-maker and I'm learning that I can do anything I put my mind to. My dreams are so much closer than I ever realized. #justdoit and see what happens. // Cha

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