Announcing: The Helentropia Tour!

June 25th - tomorrow is my 5 year wedding anniversary (but I got divorced this year so we won't be celebrating that....awkward turtle)....instead I'm going on a band tour (new chapter of life)! Vinny and I have been reflecting on how no matter how big and famous you become, you still just feel like you. It's not really your lifestyle that changes, it's just how many people are following you. Whether we have an audience of zero or an audience of three million, we are still just us, writing song everyday, excited to go on roadtrips, excited to play music for people. Right now we play for passersby and friends. One day we play for giant crowds. The whole time, it's just us doing our favorite thing. So....rather than waiting around for some lifestyle change to take place we realized we just get to start today. We have been itching to hit the road and explore new things and share our music. So this weekend, we're going on our first band tour; starting in Bellevue, WA (where we live) and going down and around the Pudget Sound to Hood Canal (where I have a photo shoot scheduled). Stopping along the way to play and camp and reflect on the meaning of the universe. Perfection - the lifestyle we've been dreaming of. 

I got a little high, ate a lot of peanut butter and spent a couple hours playing around to make our tour poster. This is the kind of thing I did when I was a hours to creative design that would be considered "a waste of time" as an adult. It was beautiful. I had music playing and I was daydreaming and being creative with no pressure on my time or need for perfection. This whole thing is like playing dressup with the best imaginations on the playground and I love it! 
:) Chamonix

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