Asking the Universe for My Dream Band

Posted this on Craigslist this week - scary to click publish. Nervous what my friends will think. Did it anyway.

"My name is Cha Wilde. I'm a singer-songwriter in Seattle and I'm on the hunt for female musicians to help me create my first album. I want to create music with like-minded ladies who are self-motivated, driven to accomplish their goals, excited to empower other women, cultivate positivity, invest time in personal growth and use their skills to make the world a better more beautiful place.

I specialize in writing lyrics & melodies and singing. I have intermediate guitar and piano skills that I use for songwriting. I am open to experimenting with any & all musical instruments but I am particularly searching for drums/percussion and strings (guitar/fiddle/cello/violin/piano). 

I have a beautiful vision of "Cha and her Band of Wilde Women" -- a circle of women coming together to play with joyful spirits, traveling on tour to perform, speak on this platform and offering workshops and retreats, all to offer our gift of music back to the people as a tool for healing and a celebration of life. We will be performing at festivals, yoga studios & events, spiritual centers, busking on the street and bringing music to places where people least expect it so it can brighten people's days and send out those good vibes. 

I have big dreams, a million ideas and the drive to manifest them into reality. Now I'm looking for people who want to jump on this band wagon with me, for the short or long term - either way. We can meet over coffee, try playing together once or twice and see how it goes. No commitment, just putting out my request to the universe to see who answers back. If this speaks to you even in the slightest or you know someone who would be a good fit, please contact me and/or pass this on. Thank you! Cha

**I'm located in Bellevue and I'm happy to meet with ladies anywhere in the Seattle area.*

Cha Wilde
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