Be the Exception - What Does it Mean to You?

"Be the exception."
What does that mean to you? 

We were sitting in Starbucks in downtown Woodinville and I flipped open my Desire Map Planner. At the bottom of each page is an inspiration quote. Whatever quote we landed on we were going to spark a conversation about it and dive down a rabbit hole. 

My answer was obvious. "Be the exception" means that somebody has to become a famous singer, why not me? Vinny's answer on the other hand was genius. "Everybody always ________. Except Vinny. He always ______. Fill in the blank with whatever you want to be in this life. 

For example... "Everybody is always so grumpy when it rains. Except Vinny. He always finds a way to be positive." OR "Every singer we've worked with had been such a diva. Except Chamonix. She is always so kind and easy to work with."  

I love it so much I went home and started writing a song about being an exception. A song about how when you look around the world you see whatever body else is doing and then you decide for yourself whether you want to join or do your own thing. Don't be afraid to do your own thing because it will give other people permission to also break free and do their own thing. Freedom is contagious.