Blocks & Blockages

"If it doesn't feel right, something isn't right."
I have been trying to teach photography workshops for years. I never make progress. I hit giant emotional roadblocks of doubt, discouragement, confusion and lack of passion. I think branching into photography education is a good idea for my business but I feel like I'm leaning up against a big brick wall. I'm starting to wonder if it's not happening because it's not the right path. 

There is a difference between a block and a blockage. With a blockage, once you find a solution it clears away and you move forward. With a block, even when you find a solution you still don't feel quite right about clearing it and moving forward. A blockage in your sink, solved by liquid Drain-o and hooray we're back in business. You're walking down an alleyway, you hit a deadend and face a brick wall, someone hands you a sledgehammer or a stick of dynamite and suddenly you can blast your way through the wall, but you don't really want to; you'd rather just leave the allyway and go elsewhere. 

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