Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Why I'm On Fire Right Now

Something funky is in the air. My girlfriends sit around me in tears, feeling pissed and totally befuddled by why the fuck they have no motivation. My ladyboss business buddies bust ass on the daily so when they come to networking meeting saying that they've been eating extra servings of meat, watching stupid TV shows, ignoring client emails and having their homes taken oven by in-laws it certainly seems like something is off in the universe. The girls say it's something in the stars and planets that's making us a mess of their lives right now. Sure, I'm totally game with that explanation but we're all curious...what is Cha's star sign because she's on fire right now!? haha While my friends crumble around me, I seem to finally be busting forth from the and firey, inspiration boiling in my veins, finishing projects right and left and welcoming in new dreams with open arms. I can't explain the stars but I can tell you what I've been doing recently that seems to be making a different. 

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One
Read this shit right now! Change your thinking, your feelings, your actions and BECOME who you want to be. Change yourself. Change the chemistry in your body and change the atoms that you're made of which are connected (phsyically) to all the atoms around you. Change yourself and change your reality. If I'm going to sing at the Gorge then I need to transform into a different person...the person who sings at the Gorge. What changes need to be made? I need to improve skills, perform often, constantly make new friends, put myself out there to be found and go one step further...insist that I'm found. I need to become the woman who has the skills, the network, the confidence to step onto that stage and rock it. So...I have to change. Normally we call this 'growth' but change is a more powerful word. Growth is more passive but I'm making the change. Oh and here's the beautiful secret....

I'm changing how I'm thinking, feeling and acting to become the kind of person I need to be BUT I'm not trying to control the outcome or predict how my dreams will manifest. I don't know what's going to happen to me on this path. I have no idea what to expect. I only know where I'm going. It's like climbing a mountain. You can see the summit but you have no fucking idea what you'll experience or encounter on the way there. That will all come naturally and as long as you keep being the person that summits (the one who keeps walking) then you will summit. // Cha

cha wilde - juicebox cafe seattle

Sitting in Juicebox Cafe, Capitol Hill, Seattle drinking 'Green Classic' juice and a Raw Date energy bar. Yummers.

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