Busking Permit for Pike Place Market

Don't be drunk and wait your turn in line. That's about it. It seems they'll let any Mongral crawl onto the curbside and perform as a street entertainer at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle. After months of waiting for the right moment, today was the day I walked into the public market office and applied for my street performer permit. I sign my name on a dotted line and promised I wouldn't perform drunk and they handed me my very own laminate badge. That was it - no audition or proof that I actually know what I'm doing. For all they know I could totally suck balls and scare all the market visitors away from the shops. I could single handed lay destroy the economics of one of the worlds most famous markets. I could stretch like a cat for hours on end and seriously fuck with the residents who live in the apartments above the market. So yah, it's kinda nice to just be trusted and given and opportunity because I asked for it and nobody wants to check my resume. What a refreshing change in this current society in which I'm constantly proving that I'm not a robot. I'm nervous to go busking for my first time later this week but fear is my friend. Fear guides me in the right direction, showing me what I care about most. My biggest fears are married to my deepest desires. If I close my eyes and imagine that I chicken out, what will I think looking back in a year? Will I feel regret? Will I feel peaceful knowing I made the right decision? 99% of the time, if I don't do something because I felt fear, I will regret it. People who never face fears or leave their comfort zone think feeling fear is a reason to not take action. But it's the opposite!! If you feel fear, that should be a giant waving flag that taking action is exactly the right way to go! // Chamonix

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