Can You Do One?

My butt doesn't remember what my meditation cushion feels like. It's been a while and my mala beads are growing rusty. Meditation is hard, people! Although I'm very impressed with my ex-husband who has apparently been meditating 20 minutes daily for the past 3 months. Legend! Meditation, yoga, running, journaling, piano practice, writing a book, writing a letter to a's all so intimidating and time consuming. So I've given up. I'm not longer forcing myself to squeeze into these "life skinny jeans". These days I'm just asking myself, "Can I do one?" Can I meditate for just one minute? Can I run for one minute? Can I do one yoga sun salutation? Can I write one paragraph in my book or letter? Can I practice piano for just one minute? Just one? The answer is ALWAYS yes. So I do one...and then one more...and then one more. But most importantly, I never ever make myself do 'one more'. Only if I want to. // Cha

"If you know you can do better, then do better." - anon
"if you know you can do one, then do one." - chamonix

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