Cha Wilde [#8/?] The Skylark Cafe Open Mic, West Seattle

How many performances will it take to get to The Gorge main stage? Welcome to performance #8 and counting.... at The Skylark Cafe. I was surprising not that nervous until I stepped onto stage and started playing. I can be cool as a cucumber all day long, even as I walk on stage and then it's usually when I hear myself coming through the speakers that my mind starts to think - how does it sound? OMG people are listening? Oh god I'm actually performing. All those thoughts distract me from the music and I start to make mistakes and forget lyrics and then I get more nervous as I watch myself tripping up. Staying focused, like meditation, on the music in the first place might remove the nerves all together since they weren't there to begin with. And of course, I brought my lyrics printed out with me on stage this time - always afraid that I'll forget my own songs BUT I'm pretty confident that I do much worse having the lyrics because I use them as a crutch that keeps pulling me away from that meditation state. If I have to reply on my memory I drop into a deeper focus. Lessons oh the lessons....

The Skylark Cafe - West Seattle (August 2, 2017)

Thanks to my friend Naomi who encouraged me to get my ass on stage, my friend Nikki for recording video and the family that came to cheer. Love you guys :)

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