Cha Wilde [#2/?] 8th Street Roadside Concert, Bellevue

cha wilde playing on street in bellevue with daisy

my goal this year is to perform 28 times. i procrastinated for 7 months because i was intimidated by the big stage lights so.... in the spirit of making progress, I've accepted that it's all about baby steps. So mid-July, I grabbed my guitar and found an almost empty road in Bellevue for my first performance (me out in the world sharing music). I was actually nervous about making noise out there even though cars zoomed on by, nobody stopped. And it got me thinking...WHY don't people stop? We're busy, rushing around....we're afraid of making eye contact with strangers...our habits are to pretend we don't notice each other. In the past two years, my boyfriend has taught me how to break free from this cycle - be the one who stops my car because the person on the side of the street looked interested and i wanted to say hi, the first one to say hi to strangers every chance I get, the one who turns around and walks back to do that thing I thought of doing and almost didn't. The moments when I break the pattern and reach out my hand first to other humans are now the most magical door-opening moments of my life. I always feel so awakened and alive after following what my gut wants me to do "say hi to that person" -- "stop the car and listen" -- "start dancing in the street" ... There are curious invitations for fun and friends everywhere, you just have to be willing to accept them. It's awkward at first but the magic quickly takes over and it becomes a lifestyle full of joy and spontaneous concerts! #wildeasfuck

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