Choosing Songs for My First Album

It's on replay; that song stuck in your head. Why do you love it? Did the artist know it would be so catchy when they wrote it? I wrote 33 songs in 2016 and now I'm trying to pick out the best ones - 12 would be ideal; one for each month of 2017. This will be my first album. Step one is getting a decent acoustic video & audio recording of each song. I'll mark my favorites. Then I'll survey friends and followers to see which ones are most popular. From there I will reassess the finalists for the album tracks. I've been stuck at this stage for a month. I'm intimated by the quality of songs to sort through, shy to share with people, worried it's asking too much of people to listen to all my songs, worried that I don't have 12 songs that are good enough to be produced, anxious that I'll be bored of working on the same old songs instead of writing new better songs, intimidated by the entire music industry and feeling clueless about how everything works. Best of all though, I'm super curious to find out how my simple acoustic songs with boring guitar chords will sound when they come to life with imrovements and more instruments. I can't wait to watch them blossom from melodies in my head to full blown songs. I'm so excited for that moment when I hear my first song play as a complete piece of music. I think it will be magical, like watching something born from nothing, like a new being brought to life. I can't wait. Step one though, record them videos for the voting process. // Cha 

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