Clarity Cracks Under Pressure

Everything was shaking. My brother in law and I are holding a plank for 90 Seconds after Christmas dinner...cuz it's good for digestion. Feeling fatigued, I wanted to quit. To distract myself I focused on the dilemma I'd been thinking over all day. What projects will I focus on in 2017? My body was struggling and holding a thought in my mind was almost impossible. These moments of physical intensity are ripe for mental clarity. I ask myself one question and the most important answer will always rise to the surface. I like to say that 'clarity cracks under pressure.' On the occasion my answer was "28 performances". If I only accomplish one thing in 2017, it will be performing at least 28 times on stage with my guitar. That will be enough because that's what's most important to me. Any other accomplishments will be bonus. Next Christmas, I will be holding another shaky plank with Pete, remembering all my performances, looking back at the moment I found clarity in my goal and I will feel proud.

A seal popped it's little black head out of the water and I cozied into the pink cushions with my white wine. Christmas dinner at the family beach house in Gig Harbor and I'm reflecting on goals I accomplished this year. I lost weight, I wrote 27 songs, I paid off my personal debt, I faced my fear of singing in public,and my photography business earned $50,000. I have so many ideas for things I want to do in 2017 and it's overwhelming. I want to perform 28 times, record an album, write a book, create a childrens animated film, start a podcast about happiness, write a music inspiration blog, pay off my business debt, have my photo business earn $75,000, go to burning man, maybe do Vipassana...oh and I want to do yoga and drink green juice everyday...oh and start a veggie garden.

Follow one course until success AND go an inch wide and a mile deep, instead of a mile wide and an inch deep. - wisdom from John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire. 

You have to focus hardcore like fire boiling a pot of water. 

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