Cohesive Instagram Style - Living Life in Loud Color with My Lyrics Notebook

Stressin' over an Instagram feed. As if that really matters!
All day Monday I was worrying over how consistent my Instagram photos were looking and if they made sense to my followers...who would be wondering, is she a musician or a photographer or a yoga teacher or what? I don't know why I'm following her. I wanted to feel consistent. After a day of stressin' out and talking it through with Vinny I noticed that I got most excited about having a clear theme that tied all my pictures together but also allowed me freedom to photograph anything that caught my eye. It's perfect.... my lyrics notebook!

I take my lyrics book everywhere with me. So wherever I go, whatever I want to take pictures of I long as I've got my book in the picture (which as been great this week for also making me write more in that book since it's coming out of my bag more often). 

Oh, the other cool thing we realized....Instagram is all about showing off or selling a lifestyle.
What lifestyle are you showing? Does it match with the lifestyle you're living or the one you want to life? Maybe I can use my Instagram to help me get clear on how I want to life. What looks or feels good to me on Instagram could help me make different life choices. For instance, this week I drank lots of iced-tea and instead of using a boring glass, I used a ball jar with fresh lemon and mint leaves. I dressed up the drink for Instagram but I ended up actually enjoying my drink more because it was pretty. Instagram became a tool to help me slow down and be more thoughtful about how I prepared my own food and as a result my life got a little bit better...and so did my Instagram feed. 

I've also started taking selfies from behind my own shoulder looking back - this is amazing - they are my favorite pictures of myself ever because I get to be in the picture AND see what I saw in that moment. Normal selfies are showing you what's behind you which is totally disconnected from my memory of the actual experience. I'm LOVING this so much. 

So now my Instagram feed is my leaning-back selfies with my lyrics book, or just close ups of my lyrics books, or just my lyrics. Basically, it's lyrics that tie the whole thing together. Duh!! And I've finally accepted the fact I love bright vibrant colors and I'm going to use them everywhere rather than trying to blend in and match my brand to everyone else. When I edit with vibrant colors I feel like my photos (representations of my life) are coming alive with joy. Never hold back on the color!! 'Live life in loud color'