Crashing, Hit a Wall - I Need a Miracle

Please work!! I screamed at my phone. After a painfully long day of no progress at work, wishing I was playing music instead, beating my head against a wall, all I wanted to do was sprint through my neighborhood with music blasting in my headphones and my phone was stalling. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I just needed a break...I just needed music. I was waiting for it to sing out... "Crash and hit a wall, I need a miracle..." by the Chainsmokers. It's been on repeat for weeks for me - helping me through the past few months of business and relationship stress. At least I got to play piano this morning for 20 minutes during my snack break. I've just hit my 13 hours work mark today and I have nothing left to give to my business. It's time for music. Thank god for salvation. The soundwaves hit my ears and all the tensions starts to melt away like snow does when the spring sunshine arrives.