Delightful - A Song for Charmaine Olivia & Artists Who Feel Vulnerable

I've been following Charmaine Olivia's artwork on Instagram for years and a couple weeks ago she posted about how vulnerable it feels sometimes to share your artwork with the world...and yet it's also a magical wonderful feeling that in her words is "wildly exhilarating." I related to everything she said and a wave of inspiration flew over me and delivered a song in my lap. The entire time I was writing the song, I was staring at her painting and using her caption as inspiration for the lyrics. So from one artist to another, here is my new song, "Delightful" for Charmaine Olivia. You can listen to the audio on Soundcloud or watch the video on Youtube. The first half of the video is my story / commentary and I start singing at 2:35.  


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