"Even a Queen" Jam Session in Different Music Genres

"Let's hear these basic bitch chords you have for your song and let's do something more interesting." - My Musically Talented & Very Opinionated Brother

Let me paint you a picture...
A basement with lots of windows. 15 guitars hanging on the walls. A dirty plate with half eaten birthday cake sitting on top of a stacks of our dad's old LPs. Recording equipment rollin' and my brother converting my sweet acoustic song into a juicy blues tune. 

Ian's fingers were flying across the guitar. Vinny was over on the drums. I was struggling to hear the rhythm, my mouth making out with that fabric thing that covers the mic, and trying to sound like the lead singer of 'Alabama Shakes'. My brother wanted me to try singing 'like a big black woman' to really get my voice projecting out with more soul. Crazy challenging.

After trying blues, he challenged me to country, John Mayer style, Christian worship music, Enya and Status Quo rock and roll. My vocal chords were so confused, my brain was glitching and I was loving every second. What an incredible way to learn the limits and possibilities of this vocal instrument I'm training. So cool. 

My homework, is to start listening to new types of music and figuring out how to sing along to them. Maybe the new music will influence what I'm producing myself. 


So this video is a total mess to listen to but I LOVE how my voice sounds. The mic was falling off the stand, my brother was monopolizing the room with his crazy awesome guitar riffs, Vinny was doing his best to play with everyone and Molly was chillin' in the back - probably board as fuck as she listened to the cacophony rebounding off the walls. haha Whatever, we were all doing our own thing and I still kinda love it. Happy listening...I hope it doesn't ruin your eardrums.

The song I'm singing is a new one..."Even a Queen".