Fear Marching at Sasquatch Music Festival

I'm calling it a FEAR MARCH. I put in my headphones and walked around the Sasquatch Music Festival singing 'Try Everything' by Shakira at the top of my lungs. I kept walking for hours, people were staring. Why wasn't I listening to the musicians on the stage? Why was I by myself? Why was I singing like a crazy person? ... Because I've been searching for ways to overcome my fear of singing in public and I figure the best way to get over something is to just force myself through it. So I sang and walked and sang some more until I just didn't give a f*ck anymore. At first it was awkward but eventually I realized the world didn't end and apart from some minor staring, people really don't care. They just keep on walking and get on with their lives. Meanwhile, I'm liberated and boosting my confidence. What kind of FEAR do you need to march through? // Cha

Cha WildeComment