Find That ONE Thing and Just Go For It

"You have to find that one thing." He said with a determined smile on his face, eyes wide with anticipation.
"It's music." She said loudly to be heard over the noise of the bar.

Davey and I went karaoke dancing last night at Palmer's in Redmond and we made some awesome new friends. My new music buddy Joel and I were standing still in the middle of the dance floor talking about how MUSIC IS EVERYTHING and we want to go for it. Why haven't I moved forward yet the way I want to....fear. But he looked at me with full earnest and have to go for it. Just go. You have to find that one thing and just go for it. As usual when I talk to someone about whatever problems are circling in my head, the answers are already inside me and having a pair of listening ears just lets them pour out. For days and weeks I've been waking up stressed, wondering 'how should I spend my day, my life, my energy?'. My deep gut just keeps screaming MUSIC. PLAY MUSIC. I even write it on my wrist everyday. Why does my brain get so confused? So finally, standing in the bar with Joel last night, I listened to these words pour out of my mouth and I just couldn't be confused anymore. My path forward is too clear to deny.

"I just know that if I'm on my death bed and I spent my whole life as a photographer, no matter how awesome it was, I would always be wondering...what if...what if I'd gone after music wholeheratedly with all my time and energy? What could have happened? What could I have experienced? But I think if I'm on my bed bed and I can look back and remember that I gave my whole being to music the best I could, taking every risk and opportunity to fill my life with music, I won't have any regrets. It's the only thing that deep inside me. It's at the core of who I am and it's the only the that will truly fulfill me through and through. If I pour my life energy into the waves of music I will be able to die in peace."