First Concert on the Rocks for the Paddle Boarders of Lake Washington

'Do Not Walk on the Rocks'
Stupid sign. I told Vinny to follow me and we walked to the end of the rock jetty - out into the water of Lake Washington with a guitar and the sunset. We listened to the waves crashing in and reflecting once again on how everything in this entire universe is just waves. We laid upside down and tried to visualize ourselves on the bottom of planet Earth, about to fall off the ceiling and drop into empty space...if only it weren't for gravity. Back on the shore, there was a couple rolling around half-naked on a blanket, a couple sitting on the bench (the girl was so made-up she clearly gave lots of fucks) and then an old woman spinning around in circles on the grass with her arms outstretched (she clearly gave no fucks). ha.

We practiced playing 'Technicolor Beat' by Oh Wonder (sooo good) which fit perfectly with our view of the sunset "as the heavens set fire". I said to Vinny, "Wouldn't it be so cool to have a following of fans so huge that we could just post a message on Twitter that said {We'll be performing on the Medina Jetty at 5pm tonight! Paddle out to join us!}. And then at 5pm we'd walk out onto the rocks, just like we did, but this time hundred of people would be paddle boarding, kayaking or anchoring their boats in the bay all around us to hear our spontaneous outdoor concert. It's like busking with epic scenery and spectators who came by on purpose. Amazing.

And then as if the universe heard my little dream, a lone paddle boarder came closer and closer. I sang a little louder for him and he paddled all the way into shore serenaded by our music. I didn't know if he could hear us over the waves and the wind but I let myself soak in this moment as our first concert on the rocks...audience of steps.

On our walk back to the car, Jason (the paddleboarder) hopped off the back of his truck, giant burrito in hand, and thanked us for the music that escorted him home. We had a beautiful little awesome-human-to-awesome-human moment, talked about the gorgeous bird feathers we'd picked up and said goodbye with aloha. Music is a gift and when we share it, it connects us. I think I'll always remember this first little concert and I'd like to think he'll always remember it too (I mean, that's not much to ask really - how many sing-songwriters are performing out on jetty's in Lake Washington on Tuesday nights? lol).