Four Little Words to Help you Achieve Your Dreams

What words are you longing to hear someone say to you? What external validation, encouragement or permission are you waiting for? I want to be a professional musician and I know I'm capable and have potential. I know it's tough work and I know I'm up for it. But I've hesitated. Instead of buckling down with focus, I've talked myself in circles with doubts, stresses, reality-checks and pipe-dreams. For the past year, I have shared my dilemmas & dreams with people, secretly hoping they'll say something that convinces me I'm on the right track but usually, all I hear is, "That's cool, but you know it's a tough industry, right?" When I watched this video of Larry Smith's TED talk "Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career" I realized the missing piece of my puzzle. I don't need people to play devil's advocate or make sure I've 'thought things through'. I'm a totally responsible adult whose mind is already flooded by analysis and doubt. I don't need more reasons to hold back thrown at me. All I'm waiting for is someone to fire the gun so I can start the race. I just want official permission, someone saying "Go for it, kid!" Someone who see right through all the reasons why I shouldn't and reminds me of all the reasons I should. Unfortunately, you can't rely on other people to encourage you towards your dreams. You have to be your own biggest fan, blind to the doubts and fueled by the possibilities. Imagine yourself as your own parent (or wise old grandparent), speaking to the vulnerable child-like part of you that still dares to dream. Whenever you hear those scary doubts talking, step in front to block them like a mother bear protecting her cub, and say "You are not welcome here. Go, now." Then turn to your child self and with a big smile whisper, "Go for it, kid." // Chamonix