Get Off the Couch and Play Music in the Park

Last night, Vinny and I drove to downtown Seattle to share fancy-pants coffee at the Starbucks Reserve on Pike street. We got a butterscotch latte and an orange syrup latte and sat at the big table in the back. We browsed through a book of random facts you should know and we got really excited when we realized that we both have experienced really funny ways of seeing the world - like when we're talking to people sometimes their heads look really small and really big at the same time. Trippy. hehe

After Starbucks, we grabbed the guitar and sat on a bench in Cal Anderson park and practiced "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer. We played into the night as people walked by, ran around chasing each other, played with fire poi and jogged by with their headphones in (not realizing the live music they were missing out on - hehe). It had a European nightlife vibe - when the air is warm and there's this quiet bustle of life in the dark... like walking through a zoo or a forest a nighttime. It doesn't look like much but you can hear animals living around you. 

It's exciting practicing in public (instead of locked away in your bedroom) because you have an audience and you can get used to people hearing you play. It totally prepares you for performing - no need to feel stage fright if you are always playing in front of people. #genius and fun. 

I find that when we start singing my voice is a little quiet but the more we play I warm up and just start feeling excited to share music with people. I stop focusing on myself and I start focusing on giving the gift of music to others. When I'm focused on others I don't feel nervous anymore, just excited.