Communicating with Davey + "Give Me What I Need" (Song in Progress)

Communication with Vinny has been so wonderful. Communication with Davey feels stuck. I feel comfortable saying anything to Vinny and talking on and on for hours. I know he'll never get bored of what I say. He's excited by my ideas. Often, I feel like Davey has a limit. I can only talk for a little while (and I better make sure it's engaging and succinct) before he gets tired of it and wants to draw an end to the conversation. It makes me feel limited and blocked rather than freely flowing. But I'm making an effort to share more with him and just pour it all out on him. He can end the conversation if he wants to but I'm not going to hold back anymore. Either he'll love it like Vinny does (maybe he'll even like it) or he won't like and that will be a problem with can deal with when we get to it.

I wrote this song to Davey as an invitation to communicate more with me, an inquiry into whether he can be there fully to support me. It's a request, asking him to change for me - to push himself out of his comfort zone to share more with me. It was hard to sing it in front of him for the first time this evening. Wondering...does he hear what I'm saying? Does he understand what this song means?