Give Yourself Permission to Go After Your Impossible Dreams

What is the scariest sentence in the world? My answer: "I just want to play music." I uttered these words out-loud for the first time and my mom immediately started brainstorming. She was trying to figure out how to combine all my talents & interests into one job. "Perhaps you could photograph people while they listen to music? Or maybe you should photograph musicians?" No, no no! Thanks for the suggestions but no. "How about sports photography?" - said Dad. I gave him that look that was're kidding me, right? Did he even hear what I said? My parents don't see me as a musician because I've never shared that part of my life with them. To them, I'll a yoga teacher and photographer. As they kept talking about all the different things I could do with my life, I felt a sinking feeling in my tummy. I wanted to stand up and scream, "No, I just want to be a professional musician. That's it. None of these other things. Just music!" But did I stand up? Nope. I sat there silently, listening to my sweet helpful parents, frustrated that they didn't understand me. I wanted to hear them say: 'We think you should go be a musician." (Go for it, kid.I was 27 years old and I was still waiting for their permission to go for my dreams. I started doubting myself. Maybe I'm wrong and I'm not cut out to be a musician. Maybe my parents will slap me with a reality-check and remind me of the unlikely odds of success in that industry. Worst of all, what if they encouraged me to go after my dreams but secretly they thought it was impossible but they didn't want to hurt my feelings? That would make me feel so foolish. I've been terrified to hear the words, "You're good but not good enough." When I left my parents house that night, I was frustrated that I hadn't mustered the courage to boldly and decisively declare my dream.. At least I had one take-away from the evening: I definitely want to be a musician; it's never been so passionately clear before. I've just been afraid to admit it to myself and I've been waiting for other people to give me permission instead of giving it to myself. That night I started writing Impossible Things; a song about how scary it is to tell people about your dreams. // Chamonix

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