Giving Myself Permission to "Begin anew with Passion"

I show up at Friendsgiving this weekend and Sarah Sue asks me if I'd like to make a potion. Umm...yes. She directs me to her medicine cabinet of wild herbs and I hold my hands in the air, "feeling the energy". Which jars of dried leaves do I feel most attracted to. Are my hands tingling? Do I sense a heaviness? I don't know what the fuck I'm doing but I'm game. I ended up choosing rosehips and yarrow and Sarah Sue brewed a medicine tea for me as we talked about spirit animals and the new moon energy that was apparently floating through the air in full force. This year I have accidentally surrounded myself with a bunch of these beautiful star-gazing people. My new friends are medicine women, yogis, woo-woo sisters who read their horoscopes and tell me my recent meltdowns might have something to do with my "Saturn's return". Okay. Cool. I trust them more than I trust the government or food industry these days, so why not? So this new moon... Sarah Sue pointed me in the direction of the "Mystic Mama" blog where I later that night I read about how this moment is all about destruction, letting go and death so that we can take risks, begin anew with passion, reclaim freedom and power and heal. Sounds good to me. I'm closing down my photography businesses (death) and diving into my music career (new start) and I have been carrying around so much residual stress that it's JUST dawned on me that I'm allowed to have fun with my work again. For a long while there, I felt so torn between running my old business and starting my new one that I struggled to step out of bed in the morning. Too much to do, not enough time or energy and fuck it all, I wasn't having fun with anything anymore. So I just took a two week vacation (haven't taken a vacation like this in years - staycation alone, doing anything I want and almost no technology) and I told myself that this was the turning point. Before the vacation I was a photographer who wanted to be a musician. After the vacation, I am a musician who does some photography projects on the side. Music is the new business that gets all my attention and with that clarity, I am allowed to be excited when I wake up each day. I don't have to feel guilty about doing what I really want to do. I am allowed to begin anew with passion. // Cha

The new moon on Nov 18, 2017  was in Scorpio.
"Scorpio is intimate with the natural cycles of death, rebirth and transformation."
“If you can take a risk, be vulnerable and make a bid for power at this time, you just may come away feeling more passionately alive…”

"Scorpio is our ally to destroy, eliminate, let go in order to heal the past, recreate, begin anew with passion…”
“Deep healing is possible right now but it requires we move through a deep, cathartic death process (metaphorically speaking). Stay the course!”

Quotes taken from Mystic Mama NEW MOON in Scorpio November 18th 2017 

**photos taken on train journey from Wenatchee to Seattle -- a peaceful return to something new at the end of my two week vacation.

**photos taken on train journey from Wenatchee to Seattle -- a peaceful return to something new at the end of my two week vacation.

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