we have a track list [music update]

FRIDAY, SEPT. 6 2019

  • this week’s video is a highlight reel of my life in August 2019 (scroll to bottom)

  • I've got the track list of the songs that will be on the next album! Here’s a sneak peek from my journal (see below).

  • I want to release the album by the end of the year - maybe for New Years! This goal can be achieved if I'm able to produce a song every two weeks. The songs are already written and can be played on piano and performed acoustic live. Now I'm producing the electronic versions of them, bringing them to life.

  • I'm exploring my style -- I'm still relatively new to making music so we're experimenting with faster tempos, slower tempos, using my own voice for percussion, recording acoustic instruments vs. using samples I find online, making the songs very complex vs. very simple.

2019-09-06 12.28.39 1.jpg
  • One year ago, I was learning to make music on the computer for the first time and it felt sooo hard. I was literally crying with a headache forcing myself to learn all the buttons. Now, I fly around the program fast and joyfully, expressing feelings in the form of sound. Music has become my #1 most effective way to describe/show how I'm feeling. It's so accurate. Music literally is how feelings sound. I can play something for you and show you this is exactly how I feel... not just talking about it in words but actually showing you, giving you the feeling. It feels wonderful and liberating to be able to express myself so clearly.

  • I've started playing guitar again (I took a break for a couple months) and I'm touching the piano most days and singing into the microphone at home. I've learned it is ESSENTIAL to play these acoustic instruments daily. When I only make music on the computer I start to feel stale, robotic, drained. When I play acoustic instruments, my body is involved and I feel alive and connected to the sounds....duh, they're coming from my body and not just from my head.

  • That said, the electronic music on the computer makes it possible for me to articulate my feelings precisely, as I explained above. I can create ANY sound which means I can express ANY/EVERY feeling. Guitar just can't do that. It can't give me the sound of a bird squawking as it dives through the air and splashes into water....cuz ya, there will be a moment when my soul feels exactly like that bird and thank god for Abelton (my computer music software) when that day comes. I can bring that sound of my soul to life!

    :) cha