'How Do You Do You' - Production Begins

My brother is a music wizard. I went to his house this week to show him a song I've been working on "How Do You Do You" and get his help adding music to it. I've been doing a boring strum strum strum on the guitar and Ian was enlightening me with all the creative ways we can spice it up. There is a whole big world of guitar wonder I'm excited to dive into. During this session, he also introduced me to FL Studio. OMG I'M SO EXCITED to dive into the ocean of beats and good vibes! I'm totally overwhelmed - it reminds me of when I opened Photoshop or Premier Pro or Illustrator for the first time (as a photographer) and had no idea what the ALL the buttons could do. Now I'm a proud. One day I'll look back at FL Studio & the guitar with the same reminiscent sense of accomplishment! 

Thanks for all your help Ian! You rock.