How I Create a Positive Mindset When Facing Fear

I'm about to do something new for the first time and I'm nervous and my brain is rollin' out the negative thoughts. This is how I'm taking control of my mind so I can convert negative nervous self doubt into positive excited self belief! 

I catch myself thinking something negative or unhelpful and I click my imaginary DELETE button. For real, I actually visualize the thought as words written out in a sentence and then I visualize myself clicking delete or erasing those words so my brain is blank and then I think new thoughts to fill their place. I usually go for the exactly opposite. If the negative thought was, "What if someone is better at music than I am and they hear all my mistakes and judge me?" then I delete it and replace it with, "I hope there is someone in the room who is better at music than me and they'll be excited to see another music growing and they'll come introduce themselves to me afterwards and we'll end up being friends and we'll help each other grow!" Sooo much cooler right? Suddenly, it's not only positive, it's hopeful and empowering!

All the fear-talk going on in my head this morning before I perform LIVE music for a yoga class for the first time.

I visualize how I want to feel. If I were the version of myself that I want to be, what kinds of thoughts would I have? What feelings would I experience? What actions would I take? How does the best or ideal version of myself experience and interact with life differently. Since I'm in control of my thoughts, feelings and actions I can then implement that new lifestyle. I'm teaching my brain & body to function in a new way so I can get different results and start to see my present reality shift to match what I've been dreaming of. Learn how to change who you are to achieve your dreams.

My mental tricks for converting my brain from negative self talk into positive empowering excitement.

I imagine myself way in the future, in a reality where my current dreams have become my standard and whatever I'm nervous about today has fallen so far into the past it's no longer a big deal and more importantly, whatever I'm nervous about today is an important part of the journey. I can see where I am on the map. I'm not just lost in space feeling scared. I'm at the beginning of projectile journey across space. Today I'm nervous because it's my first time performing live music for a yoga class. In a couple years, I'll be walking on stage at the big Wanderlust Yoga Festival as a headliner musician and today's little yoga studio performance will be relatively 'cute' by comparison. I'll look back on today with fondness for where I started. Today is small but necessary and because it's part of the journey, it's just as important. Now I see it all in perspective...every experience is a stepping stone across the river!

How positive future visualization puts it all into perspective!

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