I am a Collector of Feelings

I am a collector of feelings. I capture them inside songs. 

I had this idea yesterday about how someone could collect fragrances
- a little vial of lavender, a vial of orange peel, a vial of dirt from Paris, a clipping of grass after it's mowed etc... All these little things in the world that have their own smell. If we could bottle them up you could build an incredible collection of smells. It's beautiful because smells are so intangible. They're invisible and it feels magical to collect them. Feelings are the same way and we can't capture feelings in a vial but we can catch them in a song. That's why one of my favorite quotes is: "Music is the way feelings sound." 

I want to write a song for every feeling I experience. The writing process allows me to process and understand each feeling more deeply and intimately and then sharing it with the world allows me to pass on that feeling to other people. They can either be introduced to a new feeling or more likely, they would be reminded of something they feel or have felt in the past. And that's all humans want - to feel connected to other humans, to know that we all feel the same things, we are not alone.