Instagram & My 1960's Lifestyle

Instagram is a stressful bitch. I don't know any entrepreneur/artist who isn't cursing social media on a daily basis. We have to look perfect, keep up, be consistent, be authentic. Jesus Christ it's too much for anyone to simultaneously focus on their craft AND market themselves (hence why you hire managers and staff). So, I've been up since 430am today fucking around with VSCO filters trying to make a custom 1960's inspired preset for my images. I want one filter that I'll apply to EVERYTHING so I don't have to think about it anymore. Why 1960's? It's my lifestyle dude - short skirts, open love, highdeas, sunshine vibes, feathers, daisies and guitars. For a living, I make films for artists & entrepreneurs who want to creatively market their brands online. I've avoided tackling my own music brand for a year because I'm too involved. Doctors shouldn't operate on family. Branding marketers shouldn't market their own brands. But the social media headaches have driven me so insane this week that I woke up at the ass crack of dawn today to bite the bullet and make decisions. My filters are going warm, yellow tinted, faded, decreased saturation & exposure -- all for the sake of some vintage hippie vibes. You have permission to shoot me in the face if I change my mind next week. lol // Cha

PROJECT UPDATE: I have a photo shoot this morning and then I'll spend the afternoon completing my recording of the Gayatri Mantra (first song on my yoga album). I will not sleep until this is done. 

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