Killing My Kitchen Yoga Idea

I'm staring at my left big toe, the one that has the bruised toe nail, and suddenly an idea bonks me in the head. I'm going to call it "Kitchen Yoga!" It's an Instagram account (or some other social media avenue) that guides you through a 1 minute yoga routine that you can do in your kitchen while you wait for your kettle to boil (or your food to microwave). At the beginning of 2016, I created a workout plan for myself that changed my life. I lost 20 pounds that year and it all started with 10 squats every time I go to the bathroom. That was it. One simple easy rule. Integrating those squats into my bathroom routine made my lifestyle more 'active' and got the ball rolling. It became easier to do other forms of exercise because I was forming a habit of moving all day long. I am now a die-hard advocate for tiny lifestyle changes that lead to big results. So back to 'Kitchen Yoga' ... I am a yoga teacher and yet I struggle to get my ass on the mat. I blame it on the longer-than-I-want-to-drive commute to my yoga studio. I've told myself for years that instead of driving to the studio I'll just 'practice at home'... yah right, never happens. Why? Lazy. Distractions. Still time-consuming. Finally, I put two and two together and remembered my successful squats strategy. I've started integrating yoga into my daily life in the most concentrated form possible. I do sun salutations while I wait for my tea kettle to boil in the morning. That's it. Nothing special but better than nothing. As is to be expected, the kettle boils and I feel good and actually want to keep doing more yoga - but I don't. I stop myself to "leave hungry", as my ex-husband always says (it makes you eager to return for more later). So why not share my "Kitchen Yoga" idea with the world. I'm qualified to teach, it could really help people, and bonus points for using my business skills to make some money from it. I get hit in the head with ideas like this at least twice a day. I can't bring every idea to life or else nothing will get done. I gotta focus. So today, "Kitchen Yoga" is going into my "Idea Graveyard Jar". If you like it and want to bring it back to life you have my permission to hold a seance. // Cha

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