Life in Color Rave 2016 - And So It Begins

"Vinny!!!" I ran across the crowd and jumped into his arms. In this sea of humans my heart was so happy to see a familiar face. One of my brother's best friends was also at the Life in Color rave this weekend and we met up by the water station. I figured we'd say hi and go our separate ways but we ended up spending the entire night and the entire following week together. Turns out, we're basically musical soulmates. We've known each other since we were kids but we never took the time to really get to know each other and realize that we have a shit ton of wonderful things in common. We have the same intense passion for music and the same dream of traveling the world, living a simple good life with strong community, and spreading happiness through music. 

We felt like the universe was bringing us together. Neither of us had planned on going to the rave until the last minute. Neither of us were planning on telling my brother we were going but then changed out mind last minute (and it's my brother who told me Vinny was going and we could meet up). Both of us had desperately reached out to our friends a few days before declaring how we want to prioritize music and seriously GO FOR IT but we need someone to share it with. Oh the magic of putting something out there into the universe and watching it manifest in your life. Incredible.

We found each other. Now it's time to play.

PS: At this rave I came up with my new life motto: "Life barefoot in loud color, bleed music and breath fire." 
PPS: At this rave I also met Alex who is going to help us produce amazing music (he's Vinny's best friend). AND I had a crazy good time dancing around the crowd finding people who were not dancing and being a little contagious dancing bug that got their feet a movin'! Spread the joy!